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I remember those -

. Bike rips. Have you changed anything? What do you recommend???

Good question. I had/raced a '91, '93 & '95 back in the day. The had what I needed - bigger tank, wide ratio gear box, power for lights and THE MOST IMPORTANT - a side stand! (just kidding - but they do make life easier).

What I would do?

#1 - additional flywheel. It's been so long ago - Moose made what you want - it's a weld-on unit to your rotor. I only ran 4 oz. - I think they made 4-6-8. . .12 oz wheels. 4 oz worked for me - start easier, stall harder, hooks up in hte wet. Almost impossible to to stall it. And most of all - it just made it easier to ride - and I was all about that 20 years ago.

#2 - keep lower shock linkage and main swingarm bolts clean and lubed (or buy a KTM) They did need upkeep and it's easy to ignore them. Also, change shock oil at least once a year (depending on how much you ride) - you can tell the difference. Fork oil - more than twice a year according you your riding hours.

#3 - Pre-Mix - 40:1. I used Yamaha R, 2 stroke oil I believe it was. When I would 're-ring" the bike, I could clean the combustion chamber with a paper towel. The exhaust was still wet/rich - just wring out the RPMs as much as you can.

#4 - replace rings on some type of schedule. No need to replace piston. I was told that a fresh piston will tend to wear the cylinder bore, much more than fresh rings. I had 300+ on the '91 top end, pulled and mic'd the cylinder - completely in specification - like the bottom number of the spec.

It's fun just thinking back to those days - a lot of race prep for our Ohio enduros and hare-scrambles and many hours wiping grease from my hands. I think those bikes were around $3800 new back then.

Have fun - and get that power valve open!
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