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3 July 2012
Crossing in to East Timor (Timor Leste)

The border crossing is dusty, middle of nowhere, low hassle. No problem or corruption leaving) Indonesia or getting in to East Timor. If I didn't insist on getting all the Carnet documents at East Timor we could have just driven through. It feels fantastic to finally be here! To be in a new country after 3 MONTHS in the same one! To reach a geographic terminus. Can't drive any further East than this! This is the end of one road, a leg of the journey completed! We celebrating by stopping by the side of the ride and gorging on a watermelon we brought. It's good to have all the sidecar storage space. I'm surprised to find that it is yellow inside but it is delicious.

Sometimes the road is fine. sometimes it is missing! I wish they would at least spend a dollar to get some orange tape and mark the parts that might kill us!
oddly enough there are often warnings for small hazards but never for the large ones.
This is definitely not a place to drive at night. Come around a corner in the dark and you just might disappear. And this is the main highway!

Celebrate the border crossing in a proper way.

Sometimes the road is fine.

Sometimes the road is missing. This on the main highway between East and West Timor.

Lonely coastal drives are always super pleasant.

Looking for food in the mud during low tide.

Finally arrived in Dili, the capital.
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