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This entire trip we've said we were going to leave town early. So far it's only happened a couple of times. We're trying not to just hurry and get to each destination and actually enjoy everything along the way. One of the reasons I carry the camera in the tankbag is to have it readily available. What I found the first time we took a long trip was that having to get off the bike and take off your backpack to get to the camera sometimes means not stopping. It's kind of a hassle and I'd find myself saying, "screw it" and would continue on. But again, having it handy means sometimes not even getting off the bike to snap a shot. Long story short, we stop to see whatever we want to see. For us, that's the point of the trip. It really is about the journey and not so much the destination. Not including Seattle and Victoria, each destination really has been more just to provide decent meals and lodging. Although, we really like Winthrop and wouldn't mind spending a few days there.

The day we left Spokane we actually did leave fairly early. We were out of the hotel by 9. I was surprised at how little "action" there was around town. It was a weekday in the middle of downtown and the most we saw were three guys in shirt and tie walking (to work I assume). Being from Miami I would think a metropolitan area like that would be bustling in the morning. Not a criticism, just an observation.
We made our way along and made a stop in Spangle, WA. What's there you ask? A post office my friends. And that meant only one thing: that my little gypsy was going to unload some of the things she had been hauling around and realized she didn't need.

Spangle is just off HWY-195 and is one of those towns that you'd drive by without even knowing it was there. I waited outside while Stephanie went in to mail her cast-offs. While I waited I watched this lady across the street mowing her lawn and watched what little action was going on around. Next door there was a mechanics shop that seemed pretty busy. And from time to time someone would drive by and watch me, surely wondering what this guy was doing standing there, doing nothing I guess. The package was finally sent off towards home and we were on our way. (still not sure how it took so long when she was the only one there).
We needed gas and stopped there at the towns edge. Also used the restroom here and laughed when I saw that, aside from the "restroom" sign, they had a sign that read "office". A play on how I refer to the bathroom in my house. "I'll be in the office if you need me".
Back on the road it was pretty straightforward 2-lane highway for a bit. Our route would take us into and out of Idaho. This would also be where our first stop for food would be, in Lewiston, ID. Who knew Idao would be so much fun. We pulled over to take a picture of the welcome sign and found these souvenirs they left for us there. Maybe a treasure hunt of sorts??:

Just before we got to Lewiston:
(Prince would be proud of this guy:)

As is the norm, we found a place on Yelp beforehand and our restaurant of choice today would be "waffles 'n more". Before long we were there....Garmina had no problems finding it. Inside we found a typical old-school diner ala "Alice's diner" from the old TV show. I ordered eggs, sausage and a banana/nut waffle that was REALLY good. This place gets a thumbs-up!! Our server was friendly as well. We also met a nice couple that was sitting next to us. They told us of how they have to drive their daughter 1.5 hours to take her to PRE-SCHOOL!!! Crazy!!
We finished up our meal and made our way towards the Washington border again (towards Oregon). Honestly I've started forgetting what state I'm in at this point and start looking at the license plates around me to remind myself of where the hell I am.
Getting on HWY-129 we saw a sign that said the next gas stop wold be 77 miles away. It had been a bit since we filled up and figured better safe than sorry. We turned around and filled up just about a half mile back.
129 started with a few miles of twisty road, but then leveled off to fairly straight road, thru a lot of farm-land. It's stil nice country and you get to see things like this:

Could have gotten a really cool pic here but that damn truck showed up just as I pulled into what otherwise looked like an empty facility. I asked him to hang on a sec while I took the pic and he obliged.
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