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Then things got really interesting. Meaning the road got REALLY good:

Stephanie wanted to hang back to get a picture of me riding off:

It's hard to describe what stopping and seeng scenery like this is like. It's hard for me to say that pictures don't do a place justice because I like to express what I see with a camera, but this definitely holds true here. It's Spectacular to stand on the side of the road, which is essentially the edge of a cliff, and look out into this expanse. Again, what must this have been like before there were roads???
Speaking of which, this stretch of road had recently been repaved and although we had to pass a car here and there, there was barely any traffic on it. Motoring erotica if ever there was.
At this point you're pretty much down in a canyon and the temperature got up into the 90's. Guess that's why this place is there (best known for their milkshakes):

As much as I would have wanted to stay there and enjoy the cool air inside, I wanted to get moving. Remember that recently paved road? Well it seems this was only on the Washington side. As soon as we got to the sign that said "welcome to Oregon" the new, shiny, black pavement just stopped. On the other side was a dusty version of the same road. It was fine, but it was funny to see nonetheless.
A little further along, 129 eventually becomes HWY-3 (on the Oregon side), winding thru now different, forested terrain. These roads were not as twisty, but had its fair share of long sweeping road.
Our destination for the night, Joseph, OR, was just past Enterprise, OR. I originally thought this would be where we'd have to spend the night but then stumbled upon the town of joesph when planning the trip. I'm glad I did because it's definitely a nicer place to stay, with some equally good places to eat. Driving through Engerprise I saw a place called outlaw Motorsports and stopped in for some chain lube. The people that helped me, whom I would guess was the owner and his wife, were friendly and gave me some tips for the ride out the next day. Stephanie took this while I was inside:

Joseph, OR is only 6 miles down the road from enterprise so it wasn't long before we were parking outside the bed & breakfast where we would be staying. Once there we parked the Ike's and went inside. The owner greeted us and showed us around, also offering us the paved parking pad in the rear for the bikes. There they would be out sight. Honestly though, this seems like the sort of place where I cold leave the bike parked on its side stand in the middle of the road with the key in it and nobody would touch it. Not that I would test that theory, but you get the picture.
So another thing that we have been careful to make sure of is that we have places with washer and dryer at least every few days. We obviously pack light and therefor need to wash often. Across the street from the Bronze Antler B&B there is a coin laundry. Perfect. We showered and got dressed for dinner and made a stop to drop our clothes off to wash. We figured we'd drop it in the dryer on the way back. One problem though: it was 7:15 and the laundry closes at 8:00. The restaurant closes at 9:00. With this in mind we went to dinner thinking that we could probably be done in time to come get the clothes and just throw it in the dryer in the morning. Dinner was at a place called Caldera's, exactly half a mile from the B&B AND the laundry. We got there and were seated in the balcony upstairs, with a great view.

After getting our drinks and putting in our order we realized that this wasn't going to be a 45 minute thing, so I decided to hike it back to the laundry, get the clothes and drop it in the room while Stephanie waited for me. A brisk walk/jog back to the laundry and I'm taking out the clothes. We had 2 separate washers going so I start taking the clothes out. I see a pair of jeans and think to myself, "hmmm...Wrangler jeans?? I don't remember Stephanie having wrangler J......". Oh shit, that's not our clothes!!! Oops, guess I'll put these back in the washer. So moving over to the washer to the left, I got OUR clothes out and took them across the street. I'm in pretty good shape, but Joseph sits at roughly 4,000 feet of elevation. This fact was wasn't lost on me as I jogged to the laundry. I wanted to get back to the food that I was sure would be on the table already. I also didn't want to be all winded when I got back to said food, so I grabbed my helmet and the key to stephanie's monster (which is the only one of the 2 bikes with rear pegs) and headed back to the restaurant with her helmet strapped to my arm. It is after all just a half mile away. Aside from feeling like a midget on her bike, I made it there in time for the food, which again......score!!! Really good food. Seems we're on a roll as far as that goes.
After the meal we made it back to the B&B and had a nice conversation with a young couple from Corvalis. They were traveling through on their way to visit her family in Idaho. He's a helicopter pilot for the national guard and she works at the university there. He had seen our bikes earlier and told us of some rides he had done with his Ducati Monster s4r. Really nice people.
Aside from almost stealing someone's clothes, it was a good day. Good roads, good weather, good riding and good food. What else do you need on a motorcycle trip??
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