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Originally Posted by Trey650 View Post
After watching the video I can say for sure that at least half of those crashes would not of happened if you had a stabilizer on the bike. I do hope you guys plan to run one in the race.

According to Allen, we will be meeting soon. Looking forward to it.
We have got the GPR now and Ed has it on the bike, we have also raised the bars about 3 inches. This is my first 450X and the ergo's on it stock are not to good for standing. IMO, Allan and I talked about what we needed to do to make it better and GPR gave us a BIG hand!! I just wish that we could have had it setup before this ride, would have made the sand a bit easier. We are not going to have one on the pre ride bike for Scott and I unless he wants to put one on it.

Alex at Konflict did the suspension and with a bit of fine tuning from John with me telling him what if felt like we got the bike feeling good. We also are getting some help from IMS, the stock pegs are not the best, I am sure that the wide pegs will be a big help too.

When we all get together for the pre ride we will all take the bike for a short ride on the same ground and come to a good compromise on the set up that will work for all of us.
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