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Some time has passed and been riding both bikes. I am loving the WRR. I took it out in the down pour this weekend and did a very fast washed out gravel road ride. For the first few miles it was a little sketchy trying to find my comfort level as the "road" had foot deep washout tracks right on the blind side of the curve. Once I did I was having a blast two wheel drifting the bike. I am having a hard time getting the rear end of the bike to feel the way I want it to. I am still working on it and it is getting better. As far as the Honda there isn't a ton to report. It is a super easy bike to ride and I had my first crash on it this weekend. Let me just say it has the weakest bars of any bike I have ever ridden. I dropped the bike doing a very muddy down hill section. It was no big deal. However, the bars bent badly from a very mild fall. I will reiterate the Honda is best for milder riding. I would like to note that the engine in the Honda is breaking in nicely. It seams to be developing a bit more power now. The bike does have a feeling of cheaper, kind of like a made in Taiwan essence. In fact it is so I guess it stands to reason that it indeed should feel like it is.
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