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Forgot to post up after the last race. I'll blame it on catching up with the old guys in age. Turned 27 last Thursday.

Last race I placed 5th\11 in my class and 23\46 overall for the race. Not as good as what I was hoping for, but really can't complain. I was in 2nd for the first 2 laps, 3rd for the next 2 laps, 4th for the next 3 laps & then dropped to 5th for the last 2 laps.

I need to smooth out my riding. I'm using far too much braking & hard accelerating. Towards the end when I started to smooth things out, my pace felt to feel better & my body didn't feel like I was beating the snot out of it. Prior to that I was just using too much brakes. I don't know why I'm riding like that either. I suppose I've ingrained too much of the idea of needing to be 100% on the brakes if I'm on the brakes, or 100% on the gas when I'm on the gas. I'm just not subscribing to that theory quite just yet.

Odd thing I found was that in the very tight (handlebar width & narrower) and technical terrain I hold a LOT more speed than the other guys in my class, and even some of the other classes. Yet, when things open up slightly, they just seem to rocket off. I think this is partially due to at that point in the race, my body was just not in the mood to deal with the bike at 100% power, and my all too heavy use of brakes.

I'll be working on it this weekend. I've got 3-4 days of riding with my buddy from Seattle. I'll be on the mighty XR350R, and he'll be on my Husky. I'm kinda excited to see how the XR performs for me. It should be better than the last time I rode it, as I actually have foot-peg springs on the thing now. The rear tire is beat to snot though.


PS - I got the GoPro back, so now I just gotta get around to doing the footage for it. I'll see if I can grab some while I'm up north this weekend.
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