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There are several things I have learned yesterday!
1. Don't rely on my memory!
2. Learn the difference between left and right
3. My brain doesn't function too well when I am tired
4. Don't just assume,
5. I can handle Spirit better than I think I can at times

Why all these little wisdoms?
I will tell you in a bit.
I left Duluth, happily, and headed into Wisconsin. Hwy 13 along the coast is wonderful and quiet, and I rode through Ashland and Cornucopia, which someone must have thought was a fun town.

Because Duluth had taken all the wind out of me, I decided to not ride too much further that day, and aimed for a campground in the Chequamegon National Forest.
It was an ok campground and even though it was right on a small country road, there was not traffic after dark.

Now, I have to admit that the thought of not paying the camping fee was very tempting. It was Labor Day Sunday, and I did not think a park ranger would show up on Labor Day Monday. Still, I could not do it, and faithfully paid my camping fee, a whopping $13.00 for a site without water and 2 Pit toilets.
It was a fairly warm night and I slept soundly till 6am, at which time I decided to try and get out of there earlier than usual.
Well, I still made it by 9AM after having made myself some scrumptious gluten-free cranberry, apple and banana pancakes topped with Raspberry Agave syrup!

I found myself in Michigan before I knew it! And rode a small country road through the Porcupine mountains and along the coast! Heavenly!

The beach sand is white, and for a second I could believe I was back on Kauai!

The leaves were already changing color!

Entering Houghton, pretty cool place!

I had planned on going up the peninsula to shipwrecks beach, but decided that I would never make it to the campsite on time if I did.
I am glad that I didn’t, as you soon will find out.

There is actually a town called Christmas!!! I never knew!

Now you will hear the rest of my story…

I found out on free that there was a free campground in the Hiawatha Forest, and I made it the end of my long day of gorgeous and fun riding.
After reading the instructions on how to get there, it seemed easy to find, which in retrospect was true.
Anyway, I turned right on Hwy 94 after having passed through Munising, Mi.
Rode for 6.4 miles and yep, there it was Forest Road 2254 (2264 was right before that and I almost assumed that there was a typo on the website).
Went down 2254 which in no time came to a split, pavement to the left dirt straight ahead. Well of course I assumed that a free campground had to be on dirt, so I drove op and down teeth rattling dirt roads for 30 minutes trying to locate the forest road 2473, which of course was not on the dirt road.
It finally dawned on me that maybe I should have stayed on the pavement.
Once I got on there I indeed within 4 miles, found Forest road 2473.
Now, the sun started getting low in the sky, and I was getting tired (and a tad discussed with myself for assuming) that when I saw 2473 my memory said turn left, which I did. Boy was that dirt road ever getting hairy!
It turned into a very rocky and sandy dirt road, but still passable. After a little while I saw a small dirt trail turning right, it had the number 2369 on a small post. This was it???? the road to the campsite?? OY! Anyway, I attempted it, almost wiped in the sand but put my feet down and held Spirit up! Yay!! Decided to slowly coast down the dirt trail with my feet on either side Spirit keeping her straight up.
But then I cam to a section that went up 45 degrees, and consisted of nothing but pebbles and rocks. I parked Spirit to go and scope out the slope. No way!!!! I could barely walk up there!
So I decided to give up and turn around, but I would take a picture so I could tell about this trail.
Do you see a picture? Nope, I forgot as soon as I got back to the bike.
After carefully going forwards a foot and backing up a foot over and over again, I got myself and Spirit out off the predicament we were in.
Got back on 2473 and decided to just go and pay for a campsite.
As I hit 2254 I noticed that 2473 also went to the right. I started thinking, wasn't I supposed to turn right?? I asked a guy in his front yard and he confirmed that there was indeed a free campground there. OY!!
So I turned around again and this time turned right.
Then, I relied on my memory again! I should have known not to. I rode way to far down the road and ended up on a sandy part. I got spirit turned around safely again and decided to look on my laptop for the saved instructions. Sure enough, I only had to go half a mile, not one and a half.
I finally found the turnoff only to see that it was marked 2367 and not 2369. Ha! an error on the website.
I finally got to the campground which turned out to be gorgeous. Now if only I had looked at my notes beforehand, and not............... Oh well, there is a reason for everything right?

Made myself a campfire! My first (not counting Moab)

If you think these are flowers, you are wrong. Believe it or not, these are all spider webs!

Morning mist

I was exhausted and slept like a baby! The morning mist was heavy, and left camp late because I had to let everything dry a bit. It was a good excuse for some more of those scrumptious pancakes!
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