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[DAY 4]
Churchill Falls, NL to Happy Valley-Goosebay, NL + Northwest River = 415 km

Another beautiful morning in Labrador but cold to start at 6.5 deg C.
I hadn't expected to see single digits for a while....

Thankfully, it would warm up once the sun came out.

While at breakfast, we were talking with some of the local people who were always asking about the roads...
It seems that people don't travel a lot outside their local communities.

Today would be a good day as we had 200 km of gravel ahead of us!

As we left the town, saw these massive transmission effect with the fog...did I mention it was cold?

This was the extent of the generating station tour...
It wouldn't show up but they were putting out 3,800 MW at the time.

We stopped by the local dump to see if we could spot some black bears.

It was not to of the locals told us garbage day is on Thursday.
Apparently these bears are "s-marter than the avvverage bear" and mostly show up then...

The roads were fantastic and exactly what we were looking for...

After a couple of these, you get used to the process....
But it still seems weird how they just take over half the road.

Typical scenery along this stretch.

Another big item on our "To Do List" was Muskrat Falls.

They are running power lines and doing some construction for the impending project.

We followed the sign off the main road and almost go tricked into missing it...

The first view.

We then took a dirt road off to the side and found a walking trail to the actual falls.
It was quite an impressive torrent of water considering it has been a very dry year.

Along the way we were always looking for interesting side trips and after seeing a sign that said "Gull Island Road", figured it was worth checking out.

After a 15 minute ride, it opened up to what looked like a huge beach....with a helicopter in the middle of it?

The guy was lifting equipment out into the woods for construction.

We were going to go further in the sand but the guy told us that it was a former construction site and there was a ton of nails and metal debris in the sand...nuff said.

Another iconic sign post of the trip...

After entering Happy Valley, saw this US T-33 Thunderbird on display in front of the town hall.

Somehow we managed to rough it for the night at the Royal Inn & Suites
Best hotel of the trip...

It also had a laundromat allowing us to do some much needed laundry.

After unloading our junk, we decided to go check out the base in Goosebay...
Hoping to see some fighter planes.

We snooped around and probably almost caused an international incident but didn't see any current planes...

This crest was on a bunch of the hangers.

They did have these three planes on display.

After the base, we still had some daylight left so we took off for Northwest River.
It was a nice drive up north and there was an Inuit community nearby...which was really cool to see.

For supper, thought we'd try Maxwells....which I had heard good things about.
They turned out to be true but there was no one there...??
Our waitress blamed it on the nice weather...

On our way back, had to swing by the liquor store for some supplies.
Thought about it...but figured that no good would come of that

Finished off the night with some much deserved "man-sized" beers...

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