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[DAY 5]
Happy Valley-Goosebay, NL to Port Hope Simpson, NL = 405 km

Today would be my most anticipated day!
400+ km of pure gravel....

We were pretty sure that we had the range to make it but to be safe I bought a 5L gas can at the Ultramar.
Somehow I managed to squeeze it down into my duffle bag.

We ran into a guy on a BMW GS 800 who was heading the same direction with his dad.
He didn't speak much English (and I didn't speak much French) so we couldn't really talk much about the route....we wished him well and he was on his way.

The roads were in good shape and there was very little traffic.

We each bought some fancy $8 beef jerky so we decided to stop about half way for some lunch..

It had a nice little pond nearby...

We stayed here for 20 minutes and didn't see one single vehicle and it was silent as a tomb...

I found it strange that there were no birds at all...

Close up shot of the was pretty good but the bike was always "dancing" a bit back and forth in the front end.

This was the river near the Cartwright junction...

I wish we could have taken a detour up there...probably would have been some nice time

Next stop, Port Hope Simpson.

Turns out it is a really nice little town...I wasn't expecting the water.

We made it all the way with no extra gas!

Jeff filled up at the gas station on the hill and took 18L....theoretically 5L left.

I wanted to dump in the gas can contents first, so I waited to fill up at the Alexis Motel.

Good thing too, because I got to experience the "gas shed".
Man....Bubbles and Ricky would be proud...

We checked into our dorm room and unloaded all our stuff...
Just as we had finished, the skies opened up and it poured rain with lightening.
Good timing.

We then went to get something to eat and thought we'd try out some Iceberg beer.
It was delicious!

After eating, we went to the grocery store / liquor store to get some more Iceberg...
Took a few down by the water to enjoy the sights.

Great way to finish off the day!

Here are the bikes nestled in for the night under our window...

For our bravery and daring, we even got our "Adventurer's Certificate"

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