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Question, I opted for the 5 year total Honda warranty, and I could cancel for full refund, it is quite pricy. Do members typically go with the extended Honda warranty or just the factory 1 year and "self insure"?


Congrats on the new ride. If you don't have all the gear to wear all the time, you might want to transfer the money to the rider extended warranty ;-)

If you are handy with wrenches, then my Honda experience has been their warranty is in their Quality. I've not gotten one on a Honda. One can do the regular maintenance with basic tools. IMHO. If you ride enough to get past the "infant mortality" range in the first year of the regular warranty, the bike should be fine. You are well on your way.

Let us know how it goes... I'm doing the eenie, meanie, minnie, moe between the Honda & Yamaha 250 dual sports. (so perhaps I should not have posted in the "owner's" thread ... yet)

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