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I've been doing a little tinkering here and there on my 75/6, mostly when I just couldn't resist doing something toward progress on it. After weeks of that I managed to drain and flush the gas tank, replace the fuel lines, change the oil&filter, trans oil, driveshaft oil, final drive oil, put a couple squirts of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder for good measure, and flushed and bled the front brakes (which was a waste of time and brake fluid since I still want to replace the line). I then set about un-f***ing the wiring. The bike had a Vetter fairing on it and the wiring plug pigtail was still hooked into the system. That was removed from the headlight bucket and the original headlight was re-installed.

Eventually, with the continued piddling I verified spark & compression. A push of the starter buttun produced nothing. Switch checked OK. Problem was traced to a bad start relay, for which a replacement was ordered. It arrived today. I installed it and put the tank back on, added a little bit of gas, and after removing the float bowls to let a bit of gas flush through the needle and seat, pushed the magic button and without any choke (enrichener?) it fired up after just a couple seconds. In moments I had a nice smoke cloud in the garage as all of the oily smudges that I didn't get off the exhaust pipes burned off. It idled nicely after just a few seconds. I shut it off, rechecked the oil level and topped it off since it had filled the filter.

After giving the bike one last mental and visual checkover I started it up again, clicked it into 1st and rode it up to show to my neighbor who has been somewhat amused following my 6 year "stream of motorcycles". To and from my neighbor might be 400 yards total, but it felt good to be on my first airhead moving on it's own! I even clicked it into 2nd on the way back, so at least two gears work.

The only odd thing I noticed, after it ran for a while and was idling, I heard somewhat of a rattle or light knocking noise. When I've seen and heard airheads in the past I admit I never really listened to them so I am unsure if the noise should be a concern of if it's normal. I don't think it's a rod, or merely valve noise, since it seems further back on the engine transmission assembly. There were no chunks in the engine oil that I noticed, and no metal shavings on the magnetic transmission drain plug. Clutch rattle, possibly? (It's not "Ducati loud"...I had a 748). I think it was with the clutch released and the transmission in neutral, but now I'm not sure.

I also tried using all three of my hands to check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. I was having a hard time holding two multi-meter probes in place and holding the RPM up a bit, so I never did get a good reading. The battery/charge light does go out when the engine starts, so I'm hoping all is well in the charging system.

Next up is the brake line that was mentioned before ( I have a friend who makes all manner of high pressure hydraulic lines at a good price), and then it'll be time to get front turn signals back on the bike ( have them, but they need work), get the headlight dimmer switch working or replaced, tires and it'll be ready for state inspection and licensing.

Before I really start riding it, I intend to change all the fluids again in about 20-30 miles, just to thoroughly flush everything out.

That's it for this update.

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