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Iron Butt

I can say that I have officially completed my iron butt. I have the official seal imprinted on where it counts. If you don’t believe me, I can show you.

Besides being Saddlesore (1,000 miles in 24 hrs) I did a Bun-Burner (1,500 miles in 36 hrs). Unofficially I did it last year on my first cross-country trip but now I have witnesses and gas station receipts.

Holly Cow! Giant-mania of North Dakota:

I rode the first day without any rest, except to refuel. I didn’t even eat to save time. I had a 3 liter camelbak, I drank on the go. I went to sleep at 3am and left at 9am to go an additional 500 miles. I needed to complete the 500 miles before 8pm as I started riding at 8am the previous day. The second day was much tougher as the exhaustion was starting to catch up with me. I managed to ride through Badlands, aka Theodore Roosevelt NP. Not the one in South Dakota but the one in the North Dakota. Nothing special but the roads were great for a bike.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park:

Nice curvy roads up there:

Route 94:

Route 94:

My last fuel stop was 2 minutes to 8 which I used to confirm the completion of my iron butt.

I’m in Montana and tomorrow will be in Canada.

Iron Butt Itinerary (from C to D). 1,500 miles in 36 hrs:

The Wild West only begins tomorrow with the many National Parks.
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