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The issue of rider safety has pretty much eluded me, so when Mudguts & Armageddon started talking break away devices, I tried to apply it to the tower. With the HDPE side plates you'd have to use more then 2 bolts to keep the RB mount from moving since the HDPE is so slick, then you'd need more force to overcome the fasteners, sheer the plastic and have it pivot out of the way when your body moves over the bars dynamically.

That piece was 3/16" thick with a .090 wall around the mounting bolt, bolts up marginally and shears pretty easy. That will most likely need some tweaking, but seems plausible as a solution without having components separated from the tower. Easily fixed on the trail and I think dirt cheap insurance

Then decided to take the rest to failure with a 5lb deadblow mallet, both pieces are 1/4" HDPE the white is natural, the black is marine grade. I now have no doubt that if the Nav components are taking the brunt of the impact they will move to an extent, absorbing and dissipating the impact and spring back to an extent. How much? Depends on the impact.

The results, after repeated blows continuing to the edges of the supports, the HDPE shears out the bolts and deforms plastically.


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