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Originally Posted by frost1 View Post
New crf 250l owner here, as well as new Advrider member, and first time ever rider...ever. Now have 17 total lifetime miles under my belt. Took it out on the open road and was brave enough to hit 50 mph. I have to work on shifting, and w/o a tach wasnt sure what gear to be in. Anyway, have no idea as to how to comment on the bike because I have no basis of comparison. However, at my present weight of #240 lb I'm questioning whether this 250 will haul my butt up hills w/o slowing traffic. Coworkers convinced me to start small.

Question, I opted for the 5 year total Honda warranty, and I could cancel for full refund, it is quite pricy. Do members typically go with the extended Honda warranty or just the factory 1 year and "self insure"?


Wow! welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling. I'm about 5-10lbs heavier than you and the bike hauls me along at 120km/hr no problem, maybe a downshift on long steep hills. No tach with a new rider can be a pain, but go by the seat of your pants, the higher the frequency of the buzzing the higher the RPM. Once you have the bike broke in, after 300mi/500km per manual, try bouncing it off the rev limiter, while sitting on it, this will give you a good idea on the feel for the RPM when you're on the bike.

This is the smallest bike and the first enduro I've owned, plus my first EFI bike, but I've been tinkering with old Japanese bikes for a while, mainly big inline fours though. If you are mechanically inclined and handy with a wrench then the extended warranty may be overkill, I bought it, just because I have no clue how EFI works and have never frigged with it, plus it includes all oil changes for five years. Like I said if your new to motorcycling and not very handy with a wrench then the warranty is a good idea. If the dealer is friendly then ask to "observe" the maintanence when you take it in for work, this will give you and idea of how it's put together and how to deal with it. I'd recommned getting an owners manual and service manual too for torque specs, tightening sequences, etc.

BTW I'm a new ADV memebr and new CRF250L owner as well, Hi everybody.
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