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NFL 2012 ADV "Survivor" Pool

Yessireee folks. Just what you have been waiting for ever since the NY Gints won in SuperBowl lot's of Roman Numerals.

It is time for the ADV 2012 Survivor Pool.

The way this works--- You pick ONE (1) team that you think will win this week. You hit "reply" and type it in here. (below) If your picked team wins, you advance. If it doesn't you join Pilot and Armchair in the losers poll.

Now this is important. Pay attention. Once you've used a team, you are done with that team for 2012. You may not pick it again.

Secondly, just to make it really easy for Jurgen, in subsequent weeks note your previous picks--

For example. (example only, Jurgen hasn't looked at the schedule this week)

Week 1-- Giants

Week 2-- New England

See, pretty simple. Yes there will be prizes. Whether you want the prize is a whole 'nother matter. I mistakenly wrote DaMoney as DaWinner of the College pick'em. Actually he won his "fabulous" prizes in this one.

So, let's see your picks.
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