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A little progress...

What a summer it has been, busy busy! The catchup process has gone really well, the house and yard look great, shop is beginning to look like, well...a shop and the wife's Sprite made it to an actual cruise-in, so other than not doing much of anything with the bikes, the summer has been pretty successful.

We've just begun another project that will make it's way South next spring, and although I'm not at liberty to say much more than that, stay tuned for a build thread for a bike that will have to be seen to be believed! In the meantime, while in the shop working on the new mystery project, I actually spent some time cleaning the SL350 cylinder head, in preparation for shipping it South to Mr Fast, so it can be reworked to Lameco specs.

Here is the head after about 15 minutes with the roloc bristles;

A little more cleaning and I will box it up and ship it out! I've also decided to sand and repaint the frame, it just doesn't look that great and since I now have at least til next spring to get it ready, want it to look a little more professional. Speaking of professional, the SL350 will also be getting another upgrade courtesy of Twinduro's upholstery skills, a custom aluminum based seat!
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