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As a refresher and to cover a few quick points in this thread without having to read 20 pages, here it is:

We now have a successful and proven program for this class that will teach you how to navigate rally-style through the use of a roadbook.

The class is 3-4 days and requires a high level riding ability. In the works (and likely before this years Dakar) we may offer a introduction to rally navigation basics with simple routes that can be done on a Adventure bike without the true mapbook or GPS equipment.

You should have your own bike set up for Rally to do the class. I have rentals but they are usually spoken for from international riders who have to fly in. This is a great time to troubleshoot your setup and learn how you like to have your mapbook, odometer, GPS arranged.

We just completed a great class last week, thought it was a little too hot for my tastes with training in mind. I am open to repeating the class again in late October/Early November if there is interest (5 riders). Following that(late NOV/ early DEC) I plan on setting up a few days of long stages training through the use of routes through HogWild and myself. I'll set up the infrastructure so you can come out and do it unsupported for a small fee to cover the costs of support and mapbooks.
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