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[DAY 6]
Port Hope Simpson, NL to L'Anse aux Meadows, NL = 381 km

We skipped breakfast this morning in favor of an early start...junk food again.
We needed to catch the 1PM ferry in Blanc Sablon, QC.

Between the different time zones and horror stories about reservations being given away...I was a little wigged out.

The early start brought some interesting effects on the trees.

We had heard that the road was full of pot holes to Red Bay...and they were right!
Especially the section just outside Port Hope Simpson.

Stopped here to adjust the luggage rope...

While we're stopped we see two riders approaching...who pull over.
It's a father and son pair from Quebec.

The dad is riding an 80's Honda Interstate while the son (who had his license 1 month), is riding another 80's Honda street bike!

These guys are either true adventurers or mad dog crazy!

They rode all the way across Labrador and down Newfoundland, only to discover that the ferry at Port aux Basques is backed up for a week.

They then turn around and ride back the way they came...

The dad's rear tire was all but toast and they had a 10L gas can strapped to the back of the bike.

Did we ever feel like pansies after meeting these two...with our new bikes, knobby tires and skid plates....

Hope they made it home safe.

After 10 minutes of chatting we part ways and get back to business..

As if to say goodbye, we encounter one last grader right before the end of the gravel...

The end of the line!
It's been an amazing ride...

After saying goodbye to the gravel, we stopped in Red Bay for the obligatory stickers and to look around.

There was a wrecked ship (the Bernier) off in the distance near Saddle Island...

The road to Blanc Sablon was in good condition and offered some nice views...

We made it to the ferry with time to spare.

The check in process was painless and we coughed up the remaining $1.50 that we owed for our ferry ticket.

After that, we settled in for a nice lunch....fairly typical for a journey of these epic proportions.

Our ferry arrived on time to whisk us away to the next chapter...

Buckle in....ferry ride # 2.

Goodbye Labrador, you will be missed!

An uneventful ferry ride over....I'm on the brink of bursting into flames thanks to my motorcycle pants.
Better to dress in layers I learn...

We sample the fine cuisine aboard the ferry...having some sort of chicken wrap and fries....a lot of potatoes died in the making of this trip.

We unload and head north...

Wild how close these storage houses were to the water.

Stopping to get some info on L'Anse aux Meadows....we encounter the first moose sighting of the trip...we both stayed calm and continued on our way.

I really like the rugged coast near L'Anse aux Meadows...I can picture the icebergs floating by..

We even spot some cod laying out to dry in the sun.....

We figure that we've lugged our camping gear all this way so we might as well put it to we get a couple sites at the Viking RV Campground.

My 3 man tent is so small that I have to lay diagonal in order to fit

We have a FANTASTIC supper at the Northern Delight restaurant near by...the best food I've eaten by far on the trip.

Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and carrots....

Stop by the local store to pick up some "supplies" to finish the night.
Welcome to Newfoundland!

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