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JLPP installed new fuel pump.

Note: no additional diagnostic/status information after this due JLPP's lack of internet connectivity.
JLPP riding through rural Kyrgyzstan trying to make it through Pakistan to India before visa runs out.

Input courtesy of Bob's BMW tech (thank you guys!) based on ADVRider post above + latest status:

Sure sounds like a fuel issue. Your email doesn’t state if the problem persists with the new pump, I hope it doesn’t. I have seen the pumps overheat after an extended ride. To properly diagnose it you are gonna need a multimeter. These bikes have a fuel pump controller that varies the voltage to the pump to provide the correct pressure. Under the seat on top of the pump assembly sits the controller. Under the controller are the 2 output wires to the pump. You need to take a voltage measurement at the output of the controller when the bike is not starting to see if voltage is dropping off or exists at all. While cranking you should see over 10v. there is a possibility that the controller is popping out or the pump. So hopefully you can eliminate one. You can also jump the pump w 12v with the controller disconnected to test the pump as well. Hope this helps.

Awesome BMW motorcycle shop to help out in a pinch with limited information from the field (Bob's BMW)... really appreciate the help!
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