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The original high fender solution I wanted to use did not work as I had hoped. The brake lines seemed to be more stressed than I liked and the clearance was too close for my comfort. I picked up some longer fender mounting bolts and an assortment of nylon bushings and set to work.

I used 1/2" tall nylon bushes with an 1/4" ID for both the forward and back pairs of fender mounting bolts. I added the bushing kit that I purchased with the parts list to the back mounts to give the proper angle for the fender to clear the radiators.

I also cut the two vertical posts off the fender to help clear the T line mount for the front bakelines.

For the shock protectors I used a piece of aluminum stock bent at a right angle to create a jig to line up the holes I needed to add to the protectors. After lining it up with the original fender I marked and drilled one new 1/4 hole on each protector and snipped material from the rearward bolt mount on the protectors to make room for the bolt I will need.

2-1/4" lengths of 3/4", 1/8" aluminum stock were cut and a hole drilled in one end of both. Once lined up two 1/8" rivet holes were drilled in the stock and the protectors.

The brake line holders were adjusted and fastened.

Finished job

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