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Originally Posted by R100RT Mark View Post
Every time that I have compared results by measuring the fuel height in the bowl after setting my floats using the float horizontal dribble on/off adjustment method the fuel has been low vs. the published "ideal" height. With the 32mm Bings on the R65, R100RT and R100R I have owned/own the typical measurement has between 21mm and 22mm. For a long time I have used the fuel height in the bowl method. The picture shows the simple tool I made which makes measuring the height a cinch. It is a short piece of stiff wire (actually piece of coat hanger) with a notch at 24mm (28mm for 40mm carburetors).

I always get around 22.5mm doing it that way. Time after time with no problems whatsoever. AFAIAC, 22.5 is what it 'should' be. I call it 28/32nds. I have been making that measurement with a machinists ruler for decades. It wouldn't be the first time my experience does not add to snowbums but at least his 24mm height will work.
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