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The New World II.1 Heading to South Canada

@Craig: nice meeting you, even though we did not made it to spend the night. Good luck with the fruits :)
@Milestugeau: we would love to visit also Monterey. Let's see how we will progress towards California as now we are quite slow :) Keep in touch!


This post marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. The first part of our trip, crossing North America from Est to West all the way to Alaska is completed. Now we look forward to make some serious progress towards South.
We wake up with a strange feeling. The Autumn is following us closely in our foot steps. You don稚 see it for sure yet. But you can feel it. In the few yellow leaves in a sea of still green trees. In the Fireweed flowers. We found out that this beautiful flower takes its name from the fact that usually it springs in areas which had recently been under forest fires. But the wind takes the seeds to far places so one can find Fireweeds all over Alaska and Yukon.

It blossoms from the lower parts upwards so during summer it looks like in the above picture. But once it gets to the end, it means that summer is close to an end. So nature provides it own warnings.

For us this means only one thing: head South! We exit Hyder saying good bye to the wonderful and diverse people we致e met there.
Good bye Alaska! See you next time!
From now on we were not sure what to do exactly. We wanted to be in Nakusp, in lower British Columbia for the Horizons Unlimited motorcyclists meeting. But that was a few good days later. So in the mean time, we just wonder around keeping a general South direction. Taking it slow and enjoying the stops.
Lunch near an old train station. Different travelers, maybe same dreams!
Time flies by and we soon reach Prince George. I have to say that we found here the fastest internet connection from this trip until now. And it was in a clean and cheap motel. Nice surprise. We press on the next day and we see how when you have too much wood you can have the luxury to burn logs and trees by the side of the road.
Coming from crowded, expensive and vastly deforested Europe, this sight is a pure wonder for us. People would pay good money back in our country to have this wood for heating fire, during winter. Here it is not economical to carry it so it is burned on the spot, with no added value.
Now, I am not by any means an economist but just a meager traveling Engineer, but still this things make you wonder how our lives are sometimes directed purely by economics. And I wonder if this is a good thing But I digress.
As we had still plenty of time, we decide to take a detour (yes, yet another one) and check out Jasper and Banff, famous Canadian national parks which sit between Alberta and British Columbia.
Glaciers Parkway proves to be an amazing route. The valley is carved by the glaciers and the views are spectacular.
Andreea notices that her left peg is loose. We stop and sure enough the screw that holds the panier racks is broken. Fortunately it is not stuck so I manage to take it out and swap it with another one.
While there we wonder around a bit. Andreea is taking pictures of some flowers in the bushes. And I am looking for a 渡atural bathroom further doan in the woods. After we are ready, we travel a few hundred feet just to find some cars stopped on the side looking at a bear. Great! We are not taking any pictures of it as we are just happy that our screw broke in an area without bears. As far as we know
Better to enjoy the scenery. Snack break is by the side of the glacier.

and rain sneaks up on us
We reach Banff late into the evening. We find a beautiful city but one which is crowded with tourists and utterly overpriced. Too late to move further so we have to take what we hope will be the most expensive room in this trip. Because if we are keeping it like this Argentina will be a very far far away place. Never mind, there will be nights when we will be more frugal. Like the next 4 days tenting in Nakusp.
In order to reach Nakusp we had to take a busy road. Trucks, road works, busy traffic, trains by, this place had everything. We make slow progress. And we get some more rain. Not too much though so my shredded rain suit can keep up.
Another interesting experience is meeting the nice lady from a Tourist Information Center. We enter and kindly ask her if we could use the wifi for just 2 minutes to check something on the internet. She says bluntly: 哲o, the internet is only for the employees. Hmmm OK, no problem, then could you just help us with directions to a place in town where we could find some free wireless? Or a coffee shop maybe where we can drink a hot tea and surf the net? No, I cannot help you with that, but you can use these PCs for only 1.50 dollars per 10 minutes. Ahaa, thank you so much 1.50 dollars for opening google maps. Nice We left after wishing her to have a better day from now on. And it is not about the money either. 1.50 dollars is not much at all but just the idea of not wishing to extend any help. She was from there, she must have known that there was a McDonald痴 just 1 mile ahead (we found out when we left the city) which of course has free wifi. Eh no point in keeping our minds busy with that. I guess anybody can have a bad day
And by the time we reach Nakusp some 70 miles and a ferry crossing later we all but forgot about the low points of the day. For the next 4 days we barely moved our bike from where it was parked. More than 200 people attended to H.U. meeting. We had the chance to meet people who traveled in so many places, we got to see presentations, pictures and share ideas about motorcycle traveling. We learned a lot, we helped with what we could, and we made new friends.
But details about the time spent in Nakusp will come in the next post. Until then, we wish you good night!
We are exploring the New World
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