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Totally agree with what everyone is saying, and I appreciate all the info....I don't plan on riding at WOT on the road, I was just concerned about connecting trails with paved roads for extended stretches of 10-25 miles (which is what we recently did on our CO trip a few weeks back). Still trying to understand everything and get back to the 2T world (which I haven't done yet, but will be soon) having a bigger jet and making it richer in the carb to provide more lubrication for those longer stretches, wouldn't that give me a higher probability of fouling a plug when riding ST up in the mountains at a lower RPM's and not having the throttle wide open? Would a JD jet kit give me a good all around setting for roads and ST or is a matter of trying to mate bigger jets with what might currently be in the bike?
As I posted earlier bigger jets are fitted to provide a richer mixture to help motors run cooler, not for increased lubrication. If you dont plan on riding WOT, and take things easy and vary engine speed, then the the stock jetting will be fine.
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