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Originally Posted by joec63 View Post
No problem, don't think you can go wrong with either one. The WR is a little more sophisticated in the HP output and suspension areas and on the tall side compared to the CRFL. The CRFL is closer to the KLX/XT250 in specs.
No, the KLX and the XT250 are not in the same category. They both may be in the 250 DS category by marketing and brochure bundling, but that's about it. Here's a link/post from the other CRFL thread where a poster asked about the differences between the new Honda and the KLX250 that I tried to be as honest as possible. The KLX is basically like the WRR except with a carb. This is the problem with folks just jumping out there and making a new thread because they got their shorts in a wad. You plow the same ground over and over again.

Originally Posted by NJ-Brett
Anyone know how the CRF compares to the klx250?
Are they really close?
Carb/FI is no big deal to me, I like both.
My old shop I used to work at got one of the Hondas a couple of weeks ago, and I got to check it out. They're a Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki shop. I also own a highly modded '06 KLX250. Stock for stock, the Honda has a stronger engine does the WR250R. Just having FI seems to allow those two bikes to run better right off the floor. The KLX is so corked up and "emissioned" in its jetting setup. It's practically a dog. However, just a few mods later, and the character of the KLX changes dramatically, and the playing field becomes much more level. It's in the suspension department that the KLX and WRR really shine over the Honda. This is where Honda seems to have saved the money reflected in the price. It's just a little bit heavier too.

The Honda gives up a little too much in the suspension travel to really be competitive to the WRR and KLX for really rough off roading as delivered. It won't be that it's not capable of off roading, but it's suspension components have less travel and not quite as high a quality. That said, not everyone wants or needs to ride their dual sport like I ride my KLX. This Honda fits a nice niche of price, value, and performance. Not everyone needs or wants the same bike for the same use. The KLX will have a good deal more potential for off road use. The Honda will probably be superior on pavement...especially as delivered in stock condition. For guys who never leave their bikes stock, the KLX and WRR have more potential. Many parts and mods are available for those two bikes at the moment. You know that the Honda will eventually get more options as time goes by. One advantage of the KLX is that it is realistically based on the off road-only KLX300...especially the '06/'07 KLX250S. They are 11" travel bikes, and they have KYB suspension components that respond well to Race Tech and other revalving kits to achieve some real off road performance. Again, this isn't everyone's cup-o-tea. The '09 and later KLX went to 10" of travel, but is otherwise basically the same bike as the previous models. The Honda at 8.5" travel starts a bit in the hole if some relatively tough off roading is desired.

Those are the main differences that come to my mind at the moment. The Honda is a good bike. I was impressed by the engine. It's slightly increased weight and decreased travel don't fit my needs, but the Honda is going to fit the needs and desires of many riders out there. I almost wish Honda had made two versions of this bike. I'd be willing to fork over another $1000 to get 10" of Showa quality suspension as delivered on a more dirt oriented model, even at the current weight.
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