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Originally Posted by senatorperkins View Post
has anyone ever ground off one of the cam lobes on the advance and installed a second set of points 180 degrees opposite the first? Then run a second condenser and a 12v coil for each spark plug? If the second set is adjustable it should be easy to dial in spark on both cylinders, and it would be unaffected by imbalanced advance or bent cam nose.

Just a thought..
I suppose that would work. Not a lot of space there but you might make something like this work.

But I have never heard of anybody doing something like this on an Airhead.

Ordinarily a dual point ignition does something different. It makes the points last longer and work better at higher RPM. They do this by have one set of points handle the function of closing and the other set of points handle the function of opening. Mallory still makes V8 distributors that have dual points. Had them on a pair of Ford 427 motors in a boat a few years ago.
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