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Now these are sexy Paul ...

Put me down for one please ... The question is if they will work with IMO's and Touratech's roadbook

As far as the ergonomics I think the right one looks easier to use but then again it is a personal thing...
Now I think about it, may be the left one with one column of three buttons would be more compact (like the middle one that you have in the other pic) . Then you can add another column if the user has a second IMO-ICO thus having everything on the left side. You can always have it in two parts in order for the user to choose the configuration he wants (one IMO, two IMO's , vertical controls, triangual configuration etc)
The roadbook control rewind button which is at the front. Woud it be easy to use? Just wondering, it would be an akward position for the hand if one has small fingers. May be two buttons side by side ?

It looks pretty solid and I like the twist it has in the design. ... May be machine it from HDPE to prevent it from breaking in a fall ?
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