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Originally Posted by G19Tony View Post
I'm sure the aftermarket will have suspension mods for this bike at some point. RICOR is in my town. I should stop in with the bike some time and see if they want to take a crack at it. I'm not a good enough rider in the dirt to know what I like. I'm glad I just stay upright. The only thing I've noticed is the rear end is kind of bouncy when it gets rough. I need to educate myself on suspension.
Tony, do we know yet if the Honda has a cartridge fork damper or a ported orifice damper? Only because of price am I thinking it might be a ported orifice damper. If it is then Ricor's setup might improve it. I used their valves in a KLR650 fork, and it was a definite improvement. It would be better if it's a cartridge fork, however. The Ricor valves wouldn't be applicable then.
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