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For those of you looking to change bars and grips be forewarned, I've discovered why these bikes are so cheap. The stock bars have no less than three locator pin holes on them, meaning you can try drilling replacement bars which seems like and impossible task, or grind off the stubs in the switchgear pods, unfortunately when you do this you will discover that the switchgear does not clamp to the bars, it needs the pins to keep them from spinning around the bars. I solved this with a few wraps of self sealing wire sheathing, very rubbery and once applied rarely moves. On the grips front, Honda has seen fit to use one of the throttle tube grip combos that only work with each other and with no other grip or tube on earth. And the CRF250L does not use the same throttle tube as the MX models or the 230 I suspect. So if like me you wish to change your grips for grippier, higher quality grips such as renthals et al you will be left with a gap of about 1/2" and exposed plastic grip engagement molding.
just my 2 cents worth on this. I just this past weekend replaced the stock bars with a set of 7/8" Renthal RC High(20mm higher). This gave me just the right amount of increase in height to stand up comfortably without having to use any bar risers. Yes you do have to either drill locator holes in the bars(not the reccomended route) or, as i did, just grind the pins off and wrap the new bars with two layers of black eletrical tape. As far as grips go; I went with Pro-Grip gels.Much better vibe isolation. Take the throttle tube to a bench grinder and simply rotate round and around until all ridges are ground smooth. I also installed a set of Acerbis Rally III hand gaurds with no problems at all. You will need to drill a hole in the end of the t/tube slightly larger than the hole in the end of the bars to get the the mounting bolt in. In all it took about an hour and a half to complete. Very happy with the results both functionally and astetically.
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