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[QUOTE=Downstater;19538132]Yes, the KLX is a far superior machine to the CRFL....

Really? I have personally ridden both on the same day and in varying terrain, and wholeheartedly dissagree. I wont bother talking about power because as you have agreed, even a "corked" CRFL will easily pull on a modded out KLX. regarding suspension, while the crfl may not have all of the adjustability and a hair less travel, it felt much better planted through turns in sand and packed dirt and soaked up the choppy stuff with ease compared to the KLX I rode. The CRFL also felt better on the small jumps we were hitting and did not bottom out once, unlike the KLX. BTW this was a 2009 KLX250S with a slip on and jet kit, stock susp.. The owner of the KLX (Who is a good friend of mine) started immediately bashing on his own bike after we switched back. He and I have been riding in the pine barons for 20 years and now that were old and married, we decided to get dual sports. Needless to say, he is already looking to sell his KLX and pick up a CRFL.

...Now dont get me wrong, the KLX is a decent machine but to put it on the same level as a WRR and then to basically say it is superior to a CRFL and that the CRFL is really only good for pavement just asinine.[/QUOTE

Where did I say a stock 250L would pull a modded KLX? I definitely said the KLX in stock form is a dog as far as power. I also didn't say the Honda is "only" good for pavement duty. The KYB suspension components on the KLX are superior. And the even bigger issue is that both the WRR and KLX have so much more potential for suspension mods than those units on the Honda. post is clearly pointed toward those who have real aspirations of riding some really rough off road. The suspension units on the Honda will not have the same capability as those on the other two bikes being compared. And as I clearly said, this doesn't make the Honda a "bad" bike. But it isn't and won't be the more dirt capable bike that the KLX and WRR can least without a full fork and shock swap. And at that point you're talking some money and time. You need to read my posts more closely. And I haven't come to this thread with the purpose of bashing the Honda. I want to see what some folks are going to do to their bikes...more in the area of engine performance and suspension to try to make it more dirt worthy. Anyone who wants to semi-seriously off road most of these DS bikes is going to have to do some modding...especially in the suspension department. I still contend that the KLX and WRR have the edge in this area. You are also entitled to your opinion.
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