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Originally Posted by Numnuts View Post
You guys sure travel light, when I went on a 3000 mile trip on my 990 Adventure, my bike looked like a pack mule. you guys look like your out for a Sunday ride. I never knew a women who could pack that light for a 15 day trip. And on a Motorcycle at that! Where does a fella find a women like that? I wanna know!
lol, thanks NumNuts (never actually called someone that in a friendly manner). Samoht is right. We really don't have to pack that much. You'd also be surprised how much I have packed in there.
Also, that bag she has holds a ton of stuff. She even has a hair dryer and a small curling/straightening iron in there!!! Shoes is the killer usually for women. She finally figured this out and took a pair that folds down to practically nothing, along with a pair of Nike's. Other than that, as previously mentioned, you pretty much wear the same riding gear during the day, so you really just need clothes for dinner. Most of the places we stay at have washer and dryer so we wash a few items every other day.

This isn't exact what I took, but here's a picture of what I can get into that US-20 tank bag when using some eagle-creek packing cubes (KEY element to our trips btw):

In the backpack I have something like this:

Here's the actual list that I used this time (this all fits in the tank bag and backpack):
Jeans (1)
Cargo pants (1)
Dress shirts (2)
Gray Long sleeved t shirt (1?)
Waffle weave long sleeved t-shirts
Undershirts - white (1)
Nike pro-combat shirt
Black t-shirt (1)
Underwear (3)
Underwear shorts (2)
Gym shorts
Black Sneakers
Socks (3)
Dress shirts (2)
Black Nike visor
ArcT'rex jacket

New Rev'it gloves
Eagle creek pouch with batteries and cables
OlloClip lens
Motorcycle chain oil
Tools (Tool roll AND Columbia tool pouch)
Flashlight & headlamp
bike lock (2)
Microfiber towel and quick detailer
SAE cables/adapters
Charging cables
New 4-port USB Charger
GPS (plus extra batteries and new charger ordered from Amazon)
iPhone / iPad
D7000 battery charger AND EXTRA BATTERY
Mio drink mix
Gopro camera
Sharpee pen
Persimmon lenses
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