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Back to the RR.....

The next morning I felt like crap. I had been fighting a cold it seems for days already and this morning it really hit me. Who knew that riding a motorcycle from morning to afternoon wasn't good for the immune system?? Or was it that jog last night at altitude?? Who knows? Nobody likes being sick, but I think some people deal better with it than others. I don't deal with it well at all. I don't like to sit around laying in bed when I'm HEALTHY, let alone when I don't feel well.

If you recall from the previous day's adventure, we needed to throw the clothes (our clothes, not someone else's this time :) ) in the dryer before we left. We walked over to the laundry mat and exchanged coins for heat.

Breakfast was waiting for us at the inn, along with the rest of the guests. This is where the B&B thing gets weird to me. I'm by no means a recluse, but things like this make me feel like I am on a cruise, seated at the same table with strangers. Luckily one of the couples was the couple we chatted with the night before. I was pretty out of it and had zero appetite. With apologies, I told the inn-keeper to just give me half a portion, with the hopes that I'll be able to eat some of it. The food, which included Chicken-apple-sausage, was delivered and…..Wasn't happening. I ate a few bites and that was it. After grilling the helicopter pilot with questions about his flying we headed over to pick up our clothes, then up to the room to pack.

It was a beautiful day out, but I needed more than sunshine today to make me feel better. We strapped our bags onto the bikes and headed off. I was in a daze and just kind of hanging on. We had chosen to take the more direct route instead of the route which had been recommended to us. Today just wasn't the day for it. Hopefully what little I was able to eat would kick in soon and make me feel a better. But hey, at the end of the day I have a nurse with me……..that's gotta help some, right? ;)

The road that took us back thru Enterprise (hwy-82) wasn't the most exciting to start. Just passed Wallowa though the road got more interesting. In the hope that adrenaline would cure me and in the spirit of making the most of the trip I picked up the pace a bit. Little by little I started feeling marginally better and as we made our way onto one of the few stretches of highway we would have to endure on this trip, we headed to where our next stop would be for food…, Baker City, OR. Said highway btw turned out to offer the largest collection of bugs to date also!!! Hurray bugs!!!

Stephanie had checked Yelp before we left and found a cool place called the Corner Brick Bar & Grille. By the time we got there the temperature had gone up into the 90's and I was starting to get hungry for something…. not sure what yet, but I needed food. Checking the menu I saw they had Chili. Perfect!! While we were waiting for our food Stephanie walked across the street to the pharmacy and got me some vitamin C and some meds. Free nursing for me!!! Healthcare in my house (or on the road) is alive and well. Am I lucky or what? :) We stayed there for a bit after we were done eating, drinking refill after refill of iced tea.

Having seen my camera on the table, the owner, came over and we talked Nikon for a bit. As it truns out he is also from the bay area and used to ride the same roads we do now. Really nice guy. He was also nice enough to invite us to join him in San Diego for a food and wine festival he goes to in San Diego every year. We don't drink, but we certainly EAT!!! Stephanie redeemed herself with this one. The Corner-Brick was a good find.

Riding away from the Corner-Brick we stopped for gas and to buy snacks for later. Our next stop was our destination for the day, …John Day, OR. Not someone's house…, this is the name of the town. As has been the norm, the road leaving these towns start lazy, then get better. HWY-7 out of Baker City was no exception. This was welcome surprise. I had looked at the street-view beforehand and saw some good spots, but thought some of it would be more mundane. It actually turned out to be a worthy road that best of all, kept us moving at a good clip. Here's a link to the road HERE. Along the way we stopped for this:

Stephanie: "If we move this thing we can get a really good shot of the bikes!!"…….

There MUST be a bed in there where I can rest…..

This is where we were:

How the west was done…I mean won:

So after all this "horsing" around, we got to John Day, OR. This place was probably the biggest surprise of the trip. I really thought this was going to be a place that just worked for sleep, because the next town would have been too far for one day. The best western where we stayed was perfectly fine. Comfortable bed, clean room and the staff (especially the lady at the front desk that switched our rooms so we could be closer to the bikes) were very friendly.

The helicopter pilot in Joseph had recommended we eat at a place called the "Snaffle-Bit" and the lady at the front desk did the same. Who am I to argue. We showered and made our way there for dinner. It was about a mile down the road and I once again found myself taking Stephanie on the back of her Monster. I swear it feels so damn small to me after being on the SF. I feel like Jim Carey in Dumb and dumber when I'm riding that thing:

Talk about a surprise. The Snaffle-Bit (aside from having that snazzy name) turned out to be really good. Who knew?? We both ordered steak and both were great. They had a big group out back but even with the servers having to run back and forth the service was excellent. The only problem I had was using what seemed to be a butter knife for my steak. The server, who again, was great, brought me a new one (and said they had a chain saw in the back if that didn't work).

Love the sign when you walk in:

When we were leaving dinner some ass had decided to park his wannabe-monster-truck literally a foot from the bike. When I saw it I said, "what a dick!!". There was a young kid walking out behind me. I'm pretty sure he heard me and I'm also pretty sure the truck was his. Must have felt like a schmuck because he didn't say anything and just walked away. Other than that, life was good. I was feeling better after getting a few meals in me and we had had a good day of riding. Life was good!! Tomorrow we'd head towards Bend, OR.
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