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wheel - sprocket dampener question - instability

Hi guys,

A buddy told me, that all 2 strokers have or should have rubber dampener between the rear sprocket and the rear wheel.
Now I recall that my old Gamma had it, my Jawa had it, saw it on MZ-s...

I wanted to improve the look and lower my Jawa350TS, so I put in a 15 coll wheel from a small 125cc 4 stroke "cruiser". Looks good.

But there is no dampener, and I experience instability when using the engine brake. This might be the reason why? Without the dampener it's like this?

(other casue can be the much wider tires than original. (Originally it has 100-110/90/18 rear, 90/90/18 front. Right now I have: 130/90/15 rear and 110/90/18 front. Good for sidecar, but I feel it handles crap when riding solo.)

Thanks for any advice.
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