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Thanks! This at least gets me started.....the carbs are brand new. I'm sanding a floor for Nathan Mende of Boxerworks-service and he ordered these for me from parts unlimited in a bit of trade. I was assuming I'd have to make my own cables by grinding the barrel down on the existing cable. I know they're jetted very rich. out of the box..250 main 45 pilot. Needle jet 389 Q-2 jet needle 5FP17. Thanks for the help, I'm racing it again next weekend and am dumb enough to want these carbs on the bike for the rally.

Originally Posted by Kai Ju View Post
If they were VM's we could get you in the ballpark. No idea on the TM's
What did they come off of ?
Were they meant for an airhead ?
What jetting do they have right now ?

Come to think of it, I had a TM 38 on my Rotax powered Ninja 250 and it uses essentially the same brass that the VM series does.

So here goes:
These are the specs for VM38s on a '77 R100/7

Description Spec
Main Jet 210
Pilot Jet 25
Needle Jet 166 P-8
Jet Needle 6DH3
Slide Cut Away 2 This will likely be different since the TM is a flatslide
Main Air Jet 0.5
Needle Valve Ass'y 3.3

The other option is to call SUDCO and see if they have specs for what you got.
I made my own cables from the stock cables, take your time, measure three times before you cut anything.
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