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Originally Posted by samohT View Post
I am guessing that he is sending her stuff around to each hotel before they check in... so it looks like he is travling light... Maybe they are even on the back of a pick up... hahaha

......they do laundry (as reported) and then, why do one need 15 shirts for 15 days? on a trip, one is allowed to use the same shirt (after it is washed) several times- how posh can they be????

Wait, they are riding ducati's and they do stay at hotels like "Hyatt"... hmmm maybe more to the story than we know?

Nice trip...
I like the pickup truck part. I need to win the lotto. My dream is to buy two RV's to have following us around as a moving hotel room. One RV for us and the other for the staff (driver, chef, etc) LOL ;)
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