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I recently installed an acewell on my bike. I used beckman's diagram but some of the wire colors didnt match. I have a 1975 75/6. Not sure what year or make his was. His diagram has green/black and blue going to the light. My bike has no green/black wire from the instrument cluster. I have a green/blue which I did hook up to the plain blue and run it to a seperate light. After using the bike for a couple of weeks I discovered I have a dead battery. I'm now wondering If I don't have that light hooked up with the proper wires, since that light is part of the charging system. I used a tester and figured out what all the other wires did so through process of elimination thats how I came up with the blue/green wire being the only possible wire. When riding it the last few weeks the light does come on for a few seconds after starting the bike, and then after revving the bike or riding it it goes of after a few seconds. Which I beleive is how its supposed to work. My question is simple, if anyone has done this on the same year and make model do I have the wires right? Is the blue/green wire the correct substitute for the green black wire in beckmans original diagram? Is the way the light is working the correct way? FYI i did use a real bulb and not an LED as bekman suggested so unless that's the wrong wire I dont know what else it would be. Ofcourse it could just be a coincidence and my battery died for an unrelated issue but it seems an awful big coincidence.
I don't have the answer you are looking for so I hope someone posts about the colored wires you are concerned with, but I want to ask, did you check your charging system? Doesn't the acewell have a setting to switch to voltage? (if not use a volt meter) Your battery should read something over 13 volts- say 13.5 or 13.8 (guessing here) when your bike is revving over 1000 RPM. Another thing to check would be for a voltage leak when the bike is off. This would require one of those inductive amp meters though. There could be a small short or something left on that draws some current when you turn off the key.
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