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Originally Posted by TuonoBiker View Post
This is a great looking option. Very cool.

This seems a bit better - for some reason I trust BMW's motors used to adjust the shock a bit more than I do Ohlins...given their latest attempts on the Ducati bikes.

I haven't read about anybody having ESA issues....its quite reliable it seems....I know some guys don't like it since "it does nothing" or "is one more thing to go wrong" but overall, seems fairly robust. Am I wrong on this part?

I have 2008 GSA bought last year second hand with only 8000km and full service history and after 6000km I had to replace Rear ESA unit due to leak which BMW replaced free under goodwill maybe admitting problems with earlier units
After another 12000km trip to Nordkapp and down to Greece and 3 months the front unit was leaking. This time after much arguing with BMW through a great Greek Dealer they covered half the cost of the unit but I got a 2 year warranty which I did'nt get with the free one.
Anyway this does'nt inspire confidence in a bike sold as capable of conquring the world. Mine has only about 5% offroad use althought this year I have covered another20.000km mostly on very very bad Russian , Ukranian and Eastern European roads full of giant potholes and corrugations without any further problems. Ayear on 55000km
At BMW Motorrad Days in Germany this year I talked to both Hyperpro, Wilbers and Ohlins about replacing the suspension units
Not having driven any of these and having to rely on others by far the best value are the Wilbers which upgrade and reuse the orginal BMW parts making them servieable and repairable with a 5 year warranty for a third of the cost of the other 2.
I know which one I will replace mine with soon.
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