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Originally Posted by charlie264 View Post
Dr Bean. I canít get my head around how the whole set up works? The ECU sends power to FP relay...relay sends power to FP points, FP pumps until???? How does the FP talk to ECU???

I'm not very technical skilled but i think the pump works by sesnsing lower fuel pressure and then impeling the pump shaft, then the shaft cuts the optic sensor, which sends a signal to an electric circuit to stop impeling the shaft. A spring on the shaft, makes it go back, the optic sensor "sees" the shaft is not there anymore, there goes a sign to the electric circuit to impel the pump shaft again, and the cycle repeats itself as long as there is not enough pressure to stop it. E.g. kill switch on, pump working for a few secs, if the engine does not start, fuel pressure will build up and the pump stops working until that pressure is relieved and the cycle goes on again...

correct me if i'm wrong
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