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4 July 2012
Dili, East Timor (Timor Leste)

Dili has an aid economy. Dollars pour in from the UN, NGO's, and charities.
The official currency is the mighty US dollar. It's stable(ish) and easier than printing your own I suppose.
There are alot of very idealistic, very white, very blond girls trying to do good things. A large number of the businesses seems mainly to provide things to the foreigners. SUV's, compounds, luxury electronics, western food, western standard construction supplies, security services, etc...
It's a hip expat place with artsy restaurants and UN white SUV's on every street.
All this outside money has greatly inflated prices. $100 for an old but clean hotel room. $40 for two to eat out.

We bask in all this western goodness. We stuff ourselves with pizza, steak, tacos, onion rings, kebaps, pie, cocktails. Everything BUT rice and noodles.
There is never ending hot water. Haven't had it this good since months ago in Java.

I didn't think I would like East Timor but we went anyway because you never know...
And I'm glad we did. It feels like a weight of pressure has been lifted and we both feel more relaxed here.
I don't know how to explain it. As soon as we crossed the border something changed. A cloud lifted and we felt 10 times better.
We don't do much tourist stuff. Just walk, eat, see the beach, meet people.
I'm SO happy to see westerners again. The conversation and friend making comes easy.

Hip Turkish restaurant

Jesus opens his arms to Dili.

Nice drive.

No shortage of beach.

No shortage of beach.
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