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Ok, so I pulled the little plug on the petcock. Mine was a 12mm by the way. There was a wee bit of gunk in there and after I put it back in the lever turns much easier.

I filled the tank with some 32:1 Yamalube 2T and 91 Octane. I disconnected the oil injection line from the carb and wedged the oil pump wide open.

The bike fired up immediately. It was idling at about 4k so I started adjusting the air screw. Once I got below 2k rpm it started stumbling and I started hearing a bit of clatter from the engine. Is it normal for these motors to idle that high? Strangley the idle at 4k sounds slower than my 4t idling at half that speed.

Symptoms are the same it just bogs down and sputters when I try to gas it. When I ran it before I was in the desert at about 3,500ft. Now I am back around 7,000ft. Is it possible that I am just jetted way too high and the motor is flooding?

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