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Fusion itself does not have the sheet metal capabilities that Inventor has. (note that Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor Fusion are two different programs) . The only way to unfold a sheet metal part would be to design it as a sheet metal part in Autodesk Inventor. It is more complicated to use as it is a feature based software (where Fusion is not that is why it is so easy to learn). The only way to do sheet metal would be either to find a free dedicated program (I have no idea if it exists ) or download the Inventor trial and do everything in 30 days . I have all the tools at work so if there is anything I can do to help I would be happy to be of service

As jesusgatos pointed out, there are cases that you want free form designs. And this design (for the switch I mean) may be easier to deal with if you use such a program. There are dedicated programs that one can use to make Free Form Designs, I think the best one at the moment is T-splines. The fusion that you downloaded should have an Edit Form button, which comes from Alias (another software package) but T-splines will be in the next version of fusion... (preview here ... ) .I have used it to design handles (in its original form when T-splines was not part of Autodesk) of anything you can imagine and it gets the job done quite easily ...

Sorry for the out of topic post but I think it would be helpfull for anybody here that wants to contribute in the designs ...
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