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Saying Goodby to Bro and Hello to Quebec.

I waited waaay too long for a replacement GPS at my brother's. The new Nuvi 550 had developed a small crack in the case and in Wisconsin I sent it back. Now, there's a story..
GPS City agreed to replace it. When I mailed it, US Postal said I could not package it with the battery in the device so I dutifully removed it and sent it back in the same mailing envelope. Deal was to send it to my brother's. Got to Bro's a couple of days later and no notification of them having received it yet. They got it after that weekend and Fedexed it to the wrong address. Finally got that straightened out and it showed up, sans battery. Doh! Phone call has them asking if I sent it back with the battery. Obviously the dope threw it out with the packaging. So, out comes a battery. Meanwhile Bro and Missus have headed back to the cottage and I'm left feeding the cats! Lot of cats! Meeeeeeoooow! The battery shows up and the unit works but won't take a charge from wall socket, pooter or bike.(Sound of hair being pulled out.) More contact and an Express RMA label sent to me for Fedex.
Back it goes. Long weekend approaches. " Got it yet? No? you said 'overnight!' Fedex says Express, two days." (Runs for ulcer pills.) Bro suggeests I come to the cottage and hhe will send it on to nearest Fedex. Good plan, I'm gone.
Left Bro's little patch of Paradise in Paris (not France, Texas or New York)

and came back to his 10 acre patch of Paradise.

Stayed thru the long weekend, altho a busy non stop boat parade, still made me not want to leave.
Went to the neighbors for a fish fry.

Being a west coaster for so long, an old old memory I had was the great taste of fresh water fish. My prayers were answered in spades. These guys served up Smallmouth, Crappie and Channel Cats. Especially the Cats. Soooo good! From feeding cats to eating cats. Things were looking up.
We took the obligatory tour to Big Chute, the marine railway, on Sunday.

Big ol machinery in there

And the boats go for a ride.

Took a pic of my sister's hippie houseboat

When I left for the east I fired up the Drift camera and snapped a good 50 pics winding the great roads thru the Muskokas to 11 North. Unfortunately the Drift put out totally blurry pic. Totally useless. Another fine product on its way back. So, no pics between this point and Quebec.
From the motel in Deep River another call to GPS City had them saying there were no more 515s in stock. (Shooting bullets thru the phone). They agreed to refund my money and I would go into Ottawa and pick up one at a store. Which I did. Of course, some of you locals might have heard of the big sinkhole that swallowed a car on the freeway very close to the store. I was there! It was hot stuck in that traffic but I got the unit.
So a couple of days later I am thru and past Quebec City and reaching the good stuff. A big hill ahead was the only sign of what was ahead, a surprisingly beautiful ride along the St. Lawrence.

The hills wind up, around, down into and out of these great locations.

After these scenic locations, I stopped in La Malbaie for the night.
And, low and behold. There's a message in my email. "Your Nuvi 550 has been shipped." Waaaaaat?
On the phone again. The guy who said he would refund says he's pissed too. I can only imagine. He says he's going to send a Fedex return label to my Brother and I say, no way. Get on the phone to Fedex and have them turn it around. And refund my money dammit!. "oh. Ya. We could do that." The saga continues.
So, to anyone who watches the weather, all that moisture has moved right up into my region. Thunder and lightning and rain this morn. And the motel has no vacancies for tonight. So I am forced to step out into it for Baie Comeau. Hope I can find a vacancy up there somewhere.
Wet day today.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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