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okay, does everybody have their popcorn we're on our way to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, just outside Mexico city

The site is impressive, the pyramids themselves are massive. The people started this city 2000 years ago and lived here for over 600 years. Every 56 years was the start of a new era for them, what you might consider a new start. If you extrapolate their calender forward you'll find the date 12/12/2012 when it stops and according to some people is the end of the world, others say they just didn't have a chance to continue their calculations, I'll leave it up to you to decide which theory you really like They used to rebuild the buildings every 56 years this consisted of placing another layer on the pyramids on top of the structure that was there, that's how they became so big. Anyway enough palaver on with the picts

Pyramid of the sun

climbed to the top and got a picture of the pyramid of the moon, which itself is massive but not like the sun

here we are climbing down, there were huge lineups of people waiting to climb up even in the real heat of the day and it was hot

shot of the Sun pyramid from atop the Moon

this is the avenue of the dead where the people being sacrificed walked, it's approx 2 km long so they had lots of time to gather their thoughts

at the other end of the Avenue was a smaller pyramid, apparently it was for the mercantile area so it turned out it was fancier with more carvings than the religous end

in the interior of the palace there are still remnents of the original paintings


the carvings were actually pretty good

carvings on the columns

they played a ball game where the ball had to go through a stone hoop, at the end of the game one of the players was sacrificed to the gods, I hope it was from the losing team otherwise there's no incentive to win is there

stone counter from the game

no tocar means no flash

It was a very entertaining day all told

Hydee hoe its off to Puebla
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