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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post
The only problem I'm seeing now is some EPIC stiction… This is just a pair of ebay forks that I haven't opened up yet, so it's entirely possible that the internals are hosed and in need of a rebuild, but I'd just like to eliminate all other possibilities first.
Looking good. I had epic stiction too when I put my WP50's on. Like someone kindly told me, don't stress yourself about it or wheel alignment or problem shooting until you open them up.
This was mine- and that filth was even more packed between the oil seals and the tubes.

And yeah, I think you followed our bearing and stem issues in the WP50 thread? Preload is important, and the KTM instructions how to get there kinda irrelevant (IMO), so is using at the least the correct thickness bearing covers- I got into a bit of trouble not doing that. I think that ktm stem and short alu blind nut are running pretty close to their design limits in putting the right torque on our bmw bearings.
If you have an older longer thread alu blind nut available, that felt a lot better. Alternatively if you have a welder handy and a spare swing arm bolt and nut then you could make a nice steel one which feels even better again. There really is a huge difference in how it feels to torque up that short thread blind nut compared to either of the longer thread ones.
I was going to make a few to send over for Solo and Jenna but my welder is still broken

Long thread nut and washer left, then the newer short thread style, then steel DIY and what the steel one started like.
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