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I had a blast today!
My new friend Fred, his son Ricky and his friend Jordan and I went off-roading on our bikes.
Fred had a Honda CRF450R, Ricky Honda CRF150, Jordan CRF80 and me on Spirit!
Well, I think my heart dropped into my shoes again when I saw the "easy" trail. Well seeing as I'm not the one to say I can't, I decided just to follow. It was a single trail and mostly sandy. So I basically kept one foot on either side of the bike and slowly followed them. I guess it became obvious to them that I couldn't keep up so we did some two track road that was still sandy but easier. Then I asked Fred if we could switch bikes so he took Spirit on the single track and I took his CRF. Wow! those things are a blast!!

I actually rode fast through the sand around trees and narrow curves, through deep ruts and never crashed. It was awesome and I felt really empowered to have learned something new!
Then we ended up on a meadow of sorts and I tried to see if I could handle spirit better now seeing as I got a bit of a feel for the rough terrain.

There was a little hump in the meadow and I decided to see if I could actually get some air with Spirit.
I did! Awesome! Fred took some pictures but he missed me being totally airborne.
It's okay though you still see the rear tire in the air.

I was so happy to have done it successfully twice that I didn't see the dip in the grass when I stopped, so when I put my foot down and hit nothing but air, I tipped over! LOL

Then on the way back I started getting tired and at one point I ended up in the trees and crashed because a branch stopped me from going any further. I ended up Upside down with one leg pinned under the bike and the other in the air! I was laughing so hard because I must have looked so comical. Fred didn't take a picture, bummer. But he was just worried so that's understandable.
I'm nice and tired and sore, had dinner and am now relaxing.
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