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Originally Posted by PhoenixGirl63 View Post
Looking forward to more of your test rides on both bikes, ggamster. As a shortypants rider (27" inseam, like your wife), I think the WRR would be way too tall for me. After reading through your thread on lowering the CRF250L, I have my eye on the Honda, now, because I want a light weight street legal bike with FI that fits my current riding abilities and, maybe, grow with me for a few years. (Am I asking too much?)

I'm a fairly new rider (learned last summer), and I have almost 6,000 miles on my first bike (Suzuki TU250X). I've been taking the TU on gravel and dirt roads in the last few months, and she's actually doing fairly well. No trail riding yet, my bike isn't set up for that (and I really want to take a couple of dirt riding classes before I tackling anything more than the country back roads).
Welcome PG63, it's always good to see a lady rider interested enough to be on a forum. 6,000 miles in a year, kickin' butt. I'm retired and not a new rider, here are my thoughts. I have a 30" inseam and always have to let that into my buying decisions. I ride solo off-road and not getting any stronger, so weight is a big deal to me.

Looking at Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda. (Suzuki needs to upgrade their DR200).

Kawi: Long travel, race bike look; 297 pounds, 35" seat height (there are lowering options). 2.0 gal fuel tank (too small for my perceived needs). Lime green or Red. I love red bikes. My truck is red.

Yamaha: Although a newer generation arrived in 2008, it's still the old school engineering; which just happens to be ok with me. 291 pounds and a 31.9 seat height (no lowering necessary for me). The 2013 model has FI, which has been available for 2 or 3 years overseas, so they know it works. 2.6 gallon tank. This will be my next bike, before the seasons change.

Honda: Another long travel race bike look with lowering options. 2.0 gallon tank (again, too small). Although it has a low price, the big mistake Honda made is the weight: 320 pounds. 23 pounds heavier than the Kawi and 29 pounds heavier than the Yami: What were they thinking??? This is a deal breaker for me, ain't gonna happen; thumbs down.

Heck, my DR650 is only 366 pounds (36,285 miles and I can hardly pick it up). What the heck does that mean?? Dirt bikes tip over, it's a law of physics; don't let it bother you. Wear good gear; full coverage helmet, gloves, boots, jacket with elbow, shoulder and spine padding, padded pants with knee and hip protection.

There are, or will be, larger aftermarket fuel tanks available for any of these bikes. As a newer rider, mileage over 140 per tank may not matter to you. I ride the Utah backcountry and that just isn't far enough for my needs.
There ya go, buy a bike and ride.

These weights are mfr adv weights.

Aux fuel needs, sorry for the hijack:

2004 DR650: 62,605 miles
2013 WR250R

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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -

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