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The Ardennes and Germany

I've been riding alone the past 20 years. Sometimes with a girlfriend, and the last couple of years with my son Nikolai.
After seeing a thread on the danish bike-site where a guy looked for somebody to explore parts of Europe with, I thought it was worth a try. We ended up beeing 4 guys with a loose plan of what to do.
We started out with a planning meeting at my place.

It's Charles on the left and Kox on the right.
We got the grill started and sat down with a beer. Conversation flows better with good food and a beer

My son Nikolai participated jealously. He knew he wasn't in for this ride, as he had school to attend.
It's Tom P you see on the right.

We had a great evening, where we got to know each other and found out that we all clicked together. Before we'd only know each other in the virtual world. Kox quickly nicknamed us team rrr, rigtig rare røvhuller. It translates into real nice! From here on I'll just use the name team rrr
Charles, Kox and I took of from Copenhagen at the departure date at 04:30 in the morning. We all turned up 10 minutes before agreed, on the rendevouz point. This looked promising.
We horsed down the motorway to meet Tom at the ferry to Germany at 05::45.
Waiting for the ferry.

It turned out that Tom had picked up a passenger along the way, a partridge. It's head had gone clean through the fairing. Tom's mood understandably sank several degrees as he cut the bird loose and inspected the damages on the bike. The hole was fixed with gaffa-tape, but it looked like Tom had to buy a new piece of fairing later on.

I'd planned a route for us through Germany. Autobahn to Lübeck and then on the small country-roads the rest of the way. All in all 800 km's as we counted on beeing able to do in 2 days. On the ferry we had breakfast, and Tom who also had a Garmin, got the route from my pc.

Out on the country-roads we slowly moved south-west.

Kox's bladder wasn't as big as the rest of him, he had to stop for a piss every 1½ hour, something that suited the smokers well.
Here's one of our brakes.

We continued through the german country-side,

and stopped here for lunch.

Team rrr enjoying the sun, after a - for some of us - nice lunch. Kox wanted a stew that looked nice on the menu-card, and drew Charles with him in the fall. They were very jealous on Tom's and my schnitzel with pommes

We went on towards the next goal of the day,

a Louis giga-store in Hannover.

I'd been so bloody stupid drinking a beer for lunch. Not that it made me drunk, but it made me a bit sleepy. So when the rest of team rrr went in to explore the giga-store, I took a 15 minute power-nap out at the bikes, followed by a cup of coffee. That made wonders. Lesson learned, don't drink even a single beer for lunch.
Coming out of the store, Kox had to listen to us for 5 minutes, because the shop assistent had problems finding a rainsuit big enough for him
Soon after we entered the Wesergebirge, and the sourroundings started to look more interesting.

We started looking for a hotel in the afternoon, and at the third attempt we had luck in the town Bad Wünnenberg, where we checked into the hotel Tannenhof.

Unpacked, and in shorts and t-shirt's, we celebrated the first day on the road with a glass of 12 year old Glenfiddich single malt in the hotelroom.
Then it was down to get the belly filled up.
Sitting out on the veranda we had this view.

This time Kox and Charles went for what they thought was the sure thing, schnitzel and pommes, while Tom and I ordered a steak.
This time the schnitzel wasn't excatly interesting... But Tom's and my steak was excellent
Team rrr enjoying a few beers after dinner.

The service had been very slow throughout the dinner, often to a point where we thought the waitress had forgotten us, and after waiting 15 minutes to pay, we went into the bar, where I asked the waitress if it was possible to get the bill the same night. That didn't go down very well, the waitress said a lot very fast, so fast that I din't have a clue to what she said. At least we got the bill right after
Up in the hotelrooms we had another Glenfiddich to celebrate a succesful day, before going to sleep.
This with succes was to change dramatically the next day.

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