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Next morning we started on the second day to reach our goal of the trip, the biker-motel Baton Rouge in the Ardennes in Belgium. Tom had booked rooms for us there, and we planned on getting there around 16-17:00.
The landscape was a feast for the eye.

As I had planned the route through Germany, I was leading the pack. Suddently i noticed that Charles was missing. We all stopped and waited a couple of minutes, untill Kox turned around to look for him. Soon Tom and I followed with worried minds, turned around and rode back to look for him.
At a soft lefthander curve he was standing beside the road, no bike visibly
The bike was in the ditch beside the road. Fuck! Are you all right Charles, anything broken, and so on. He seemed to be fairly okay, of course shaken, but able to walk and talk.
Getting the bike out of the ditch was a different story. 200 kg's of Honda CBR 600 is even for 3 men a bit of a handful.
In the end we decided on Kox to try and ride the bastard heavy thing out of the ditch. Simply because he was by far the biggest, strongest and had the longest legs. Well done Kox.

Kox went out on a ride to try the bike. Damn, he looked funny on such a small bike, but then again even the VFR 800 looks small under him...

I always carry a first aid kit and some dry ice under my seat, so while Kox did the test ride, I tried to fix up Charles with some bandages and dry ice on his sour arm.

The test-ride turned out negative, the bike was wobbling quite a lot.
Even worse, Charles complained about increasing pain in his arm and knee.
Time to find a hospital.
Through the help of a friendly german guy who'd stopped and my Garmin, we located the nearest hospital. Kox stayed behind at Charles's bike while Tom and I went to the hospital, me with Charles on the back. The plan was to leave Toms bike at the hospital, then him on the back of me to go and fetch Charles's bike.

As Charles didn't speak german I went in with him and got arranged for a doctor to look at him.
While he was examined we went back to Kox and got everything with us back to the hospital.
Waiting at the hospital we discussed the possibilities of the outcome. Could Charles continue riding, could we get the bike fixed in the area, and so on.
Charles came out with a broken arm, so it was time to come up with a rescue plan.

Considering the situation, Charles was in excellent mood.

We stayed with him, and helped arranging transport home for the bike and himself of course.
A very sad end for Charles on this trip, as he was the originator for.
Team rrr was now reduced to 3 men, and we briefly discussed the options for the rest of the day. We had the reservation on Baton Rouge, and would like to get there the same evening. But since 4 hours had gone by I doubted that we could get there before nightfall. I made it clear to the others that I wouldn't ride in the dark. Call me a pussy, but experience has taught me that you can't see shit lying on the road, and wild animals also tend to be more active on the roads in the dark.
We went for it and would stop at nightfall.
Of course the riding speed went up, but I still managed to shoot a few pic's along the way.

Around 16:00 we reached the Rhine river and followed it for a good half hour.

Waiting on the ferry to take us across the Rhine.

Out sailing.

We blasted through the Eifel area, to reach the Belgium border.

Finally just before dusk we arrived at Baton Rouge in the town Vielsalm.
There was a party of some 20 riders celebrating that they had just come back from India on Royal Enfields.

One of the Royal Enfields. That must have been a rough ride. A couple in their 50-60'es even rode 2 up from India. Respect!!!

After som good food and a few belgium beers, it was time to hit the sack.
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