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Originally Posted by mountain eagle View Post
In just the H2W set up?

Or in the CPR set up?

or in any setup to get the most out of the carbs?

and then where would one source a different needle?

Heading out now to run in the 165's and see the plugs look........
IIRC, we developed what became the H2w kit with the stock needle and the FP needle. I ran the FP version, lots of guys also used the stock. I don't think its as important. I noticed though, that in an open breathing setup that the FP needle really shines...and imho, is a necessity to get the transition from slow jet to main to work well. I found that suddenly dumping the throttle wide open with the stock needle would produce a seizure, the motor coughing and wheezing until it spooled up.

Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
Well, I will report first hand tomorrow when I get to ride my previously H2W jetted SE, with 160/165 mains and obviously the snorkel in place of the prefilter. But various people have reported that the bottom H2W jetting works fine both with CPR as well as pod filters, as long as the mains are correct. Which sounds logical to me since at small throttle openings , the restriction of the filters combined should not make a difference compared to the stock setup.

I still cannot understand why a snorkel that has larger inlet area than the carb inlet can restrict the flow (as far as top power is concerned) it makes no sense to me. I don't dispute anybody's experience, but it is a mystery to me nevertheless.
Good luck with that. I tested airjet combinations on k&n pods...back in '07. I know what I came up with on the dyno, real world, and through the use of an onboard o2 meter...after many hours and many different settings. YRMV
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