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Moab or bust..............

Originally Posted by xrjak View Post
I would have given you a bed in Billings. I've slept in a Denny's before (didn't end well) Enjoyed your Thrills & Spills RR and am enjoying this one also. I'm in. xrjak
haha done it maaaannny times... thanx for the offer of the bed man.
Glad ya liked Thrills Spills aand Puurty Giirrls, and this one too... it only gets better... much better.

Gonna try to move thru these next weeks kinda fast... since we've got another 15,000miles to cover... then up into the Great White North.

I lead NomadGal South toward Moab with a smile in my helmet knowing the Beauty she is gonna be seeing for the first time... it helps me to remember to see it again.... all anew.

I wonder to myself, what thoughts are running through her mind as the horizon sweeps one beautiful vista after another past her eyes.

We hit a bit of rain and construction pulling Winchester Grade but I figure it will pass quickly and don't pull over to suit up... we get good and damp but I know we'll dry quickly down on the Salmon... I want to show her that you don't always have to waste time suiting up... only to have to unsuit again a couple miles down the road.

It passes and we're onto the Camas Prarie...

More dirt to hone her skills on the Grangeville cuttoff road...

Then down Whitebird grade... you can barely see her helmet LOL.

White Bird Battlefield

Nez Perce National Historical Park
White Bird battlefield from the Highway 95 overlook. Most of the battle took place on the otherside of the basalt bluffs in the center of the photograph.

Captain David Perry, commanding officer of the First Cavalry, was ordered to arrest the perpetrators of the Salmon River raids and escort the remaining Nez Perce to Lapwai. Perry led 106 cavalry men from Companies F and H, accompanied by eleven civilian volunteers to the location of the Nez Perce camp site at the head of Lahmotta or White Bird Canyon.
As the cavalry marched down the canyon slopes, 60 to 70 Nez Perce warriors prepared to meet them. As the Nez Perce positioned their warriors along the cavalry’s expected route, they sent a small truce party to talk to the soldiers. As the truce party approached, a shot rang out as one of the volunteers opened fire, ending any possibility of a peace parley.
Within minutes of the opening shots, A Nez Perce marksman killed a Trumpeter, making it difficult for Captain Perry to communicate orders to his unit. While the cavalry formed a skirmish line, making ready to advance, the Nez Perce responded by attacking the flanks of the extended line. Unfortunately, Perry had placed the volunteers on the left flank and as volleys of rifle fire poured into their position, they panicked and broke, running toward the line of cavalry at the top of the ridge.
As the volunteers scampered up the slope, panic spread through the line. As the flanks collapsed, Perry ordered a retreat. As soldiers panicked, many dropped their weapons as they fled, leaving behind thirty-four soldiers dead on the battlefield. When the soldiers reached the top of White Bird Valley, they continued their pell-mell retreat to the settlement of Mt. Idaho where they dug in and waited for help.
The Nez Perce retrieved the fallen weapons, picking up approximately 63 carbines, pistols, and ammunition. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the Nez Perce quickly broke camp and crossed the Salmon River as General Howard gathered his forces for a pursuit that would continue for the next four months.

I always remember the recent past as I roam this region...

The Mountains loom closer and I'm excited to lead Esther down into the twist and turns between us, Smiths Ferry on hwy 155 into Boise...

A man and his wife Salmon fishing near Lucille...

As I take the first picture I zoom in, he then senses me and looks across the river at me... all while I move upriver at 70+ and he holds position in the current.

We clear Riggins and get down near New Meadows then onto the backside of Cascade and the excellent ride along the Payette...

I know Esther must be eating this up.... cuz I know I AM!^)-

As we get near Horeshoe Bend I run out of fuel again... I went on reserve 23mi or so back. I pull off the road and lay Desiree' down to get into my Reserve-Reserve... I get a blurry pic of Esther as she zips by...

I pass a buch of traffic to catch up to her always using my signals and waving as I pull in... still I piss some folks off and when I pull in for fuel near the Bend a guy rolling by in a lifted Dodge yell some Fu** you buddy stuff at me:/ oh well can't make everybody happy eh?!?!

This gives me a chance to meet BEAUTIFUL Annell Allen... as she had heard the guy yelling and wondered what was up...

She has a KLX in her toy hauler and turns out IS a SERIOUS rider! She has raced in Chile on the National Enduro Pro-team back in '07 and is quite the HARDCORE chick... be still my heart LOL hahahahaha. She knows the folks at Carl's Cycle and a few other places I've been to. I love her vibe and the conversation we share.

Preparing for the "Olympics of Motorcycling"

By Andrew MardenPublished: Jul 15, 2007 at 5:26 PM MDTLast Updated: Nov 7, 2008 at 11:18 AM MDT

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By day, 29-year-old Annell Allen is a marketing manager at Commercial Tire.

"(A) typical day is a lot of phone calls, lot of sponsorship," smiles Annell.
But now, Annell is looking for sponsors of her own. Thanks to a 2nd place finish in Colorado earlier this year and a win at the Idaho City qualifier, Annell became the first woman in Idaho to qualify for the International Six Days Enduro.
"I think the nervous part will come during opening ceremonies and reality hits that I'll be sitting on this thing for six days," she says.
And that's no exaggeration.

Annell will start the race November 12th in La Serena, the second oldest city in Chile. From there, your guess is as good as hers.
"They don't really tell you a whole lot about the terrain or where it is, that's part of it," adds Annell. "It's a secret, you're not supposed to know what you're getting into."
But we do know that no one else is allowed to touch her bike or she could get disqualified. And there's a good chance of seeing rain, rocks, rivers, creeks and logs which makes the race extremely dangerous.
"This sport's the only sport I've ever been injured in," says Annell. "I've broken my wrist, broken collarbone, broken ribs. I broke my femur. Recovering from that, it does something to your core and it just feels good to be able to overcome an injury and come back."
Annell has been riding motorcycles on-and-off for eight years but she's never done anything like this before. That's exactly why she wants to.
"I guess if I have to mow lawns at night, or whatever, I'll do it 'cause I'm going," laughs Annell.
The 82nd annual International Six Days Enduro runs November 12th-17th. Annell Allen expects the entire trip to cost her around $15,000.
*Note: A lot of people who qualify for the ISDE never finish the race. Annell says her goal is to do just that...finish.

As night falls we get into Boise and I take the Nomad to the best Organic food joint I know of and a place where she can eat to her Vegan hearts content... The

Again I get the pleasure of spending time with Jennifer.... who I met on last years ride. Two more cuties come in and tell us of their friends from Louisiana who did a fundraiser for the Gulf Restoration called the La La Ride... one of them a Hottie from the old BattleStar Galactica series...

We go to Carl's and just throw our bedrolls down in the parking lot next to the bikes.... no hassle and FREE!


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